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How To Choose A Cremation Urn

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Having cremated the body of a deceased, you need to collect the remains in a cremation urn or at least a temporary container.

People usually buy an urn to store the ashes or a portion of ashes left after scattering, to create a warm memory of a loved one.

Purchasing a suitable cremation urn, though, may be quite distressing and overwhelming. Thus, keep the following tips in mind while choosing an urn to hold cremated remains that look like white or grey colored crushed sea shells. 


- Determine the size of the urn. You can consult a funeral home or crematorium to get a better estimate.      Usually, created remains weigh 3-7 pounds and require about 180-220 cubic inches capacity.

- Moreover, in case you have decided to place the cremains in a niche within a cemetery columbarium, check with the authorities there about the type and size of urns they allow in the niches.

- Select an appropriate urn depending on your decision regarding the final disposition of the ashes. For instance, if you are planning to display the urn at your home itself, look for attractive yet thoughtful funeral urns.

For instance, you can go for a nature-themed urn for a loved one who admired scenic beauty. Besides, you may select a religious, veteran, hobby, sports, infant (for holding the ashes of a child), or companion urn (for storing the cremains of a couple).

- Families often choose to keep a portion of the ashes after scattering the remains. So, you may buy a small keepsake or token urn to hold the remaining ashes.

- Take the quality into consideration and pick a material of your choice. Cremation urns are mostly made of wood, ceramic, granite, copper, bronze, brass, glass, porcelain, marble, etc.

- Thus, choose a material that suits you best. Wooden urns, for example, are not likely to be durable when displayed in an outdoor setting. Similarly, brass urns are not usually recommended for burial.

As cremation urns are available in a number of shapes and styles, their prices also vary tremendously. Thus, decide your budget and set a price range beforehand.

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